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Bolt Energy

Bolt Energy is introducing an innovative and eco-friendly solution for your energy needs with their exclusive $1 a day fixed rate plan, designed to offer you consistent and predictable billing. This plan allows you to take control of your energy expenses and safeguard against the unpredictability of market fluctuations. By choosing this plan, you not only benefit from stable pricing but also contribute positively to the environment. The natural gas bundle associated with this plan directly supports carbon offset projects. This means that as you use energy in your home, you are simultaneously contributing to environmental sustainability.
In addition to these benefits, Bolt Energy has an attractive rewards program for its customers. By subscribing to this $1 a day plan, you become eligible to participate in a variety of rewards and incentives.

Leading broadband & technology company

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Internet phone tv service provider

Don’t let limited bandwidth, high ping and random disconnects keep you from winning your next tournament or ruining a live stream.

Free Local SEEO Audit

Get your local SEO performance scorecard

Wave Energy

Because Caring is the only option. Get a New Tablet with Free Data or Free Home Internet Service.

Community green farms

At Community Green Farms, our innovative hydroponic farming pods are more than just a source of fresh produce; they’re a lifeline for communities and children who face the daily challenges of food insecurity and poor nutrition.

Ampion solar as a service

In partnership with EGC Inc., Ampion connects people and Community Solar farms, lowering costs and protecting the environment. With no upfront costs and nothing to install, it’s the easiest way to benefit from solar energy. It takes less than 10 minutes to register.