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About Ascent Health Group:

Ascent Health Group is a leading provider that specializes in building POL laboratories, boasting a highly experienced team dedicated to elevating healthcare diagnostics.

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Ascent Diagnostics

Revolutionizing OBGYN and Molecular PCR Testing
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Why Choose Qualitative and Quantitative Urinalysis?

Better Patient Outcomes:

Financial Benefits:

What We Test For

Creatinine: Assess kidney function with precision.
Normalization: Correct variations for accurate results.
Sodium (Na): Evaluate electrolyte balance and kidney function.
Total Ketone Body Analysis: Comprehensive metabolic status assessment.
Protein/Creatinine Ratio: Quantify proteinuria for kidney health evaluation.
Quantitation: Precise measurements for detailed analysis.
Micro Protein: Detect micro-level protein abnormalities.
Micro Sample: Analyze small urine samples efficiently.
Selectivity: Ensure accuracy in results with selectivity testing.
Urobilinogen: Assess liver function and anemia.
Bilirubin: Detect potential liver or bile duct issues.
Nitrite: Indicate urinary tract infections.
Blood (Hgb): Quantify hemoglobin levels for hematuria assessment.
Leukocyte Esterase: Identify leukocytes, signaling infections or inflammation.
Ketone Bodies: Assess metabolic status thoroughly.
Glucose: Monitor glucose levels for diabetic management.
pH: Evaluate urine acidity/alkalinity for balance.
Specific Gravity (sG): Measure urine concentration for kidney function assessment.
Indexed Values:
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