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Your Energy Partner

Bolt Energy is introducing an innovative and eco-friendly solution for your energy needs with their exclusive $1 a day fixed rate plan, designed to offer you consistent and predictable billing. This plan allows you to take control of your energy expenses and safeguard against the unpredictability of market fluctuations. By choosing this plan, you not only benefit from stable pricing but also contribute positively to the environment. The natural gas bundle associated with this plan directly supports carbon offset projects. This means that as you use energy in your home, you are simultaneously contributing to environmental sustainability.

In addition to these benefits, Bolt Energy has an attractive rewards program for its customers. By subscribing to this $1 a day plan, you become eligible to participate in a variety of rewards and incentives.

Just $1 A Day

Are you curranty a PG&E customer?

Sign up now and unlock a $50 gift card!

Just keep your account in good standing for two months and you will receive a $50 gift card automatically.

Making The Switch

Making the switch

Did you know that millions of Americans are free to choose their energy provider? By making the switch from to Bolt, you can potentially lower your energy costs and get other perks simply by being a customer.

We’ll put an end to fluctuating costs by providing you with a fixed rate for unlimited gas usage.

Bolt Energy is an independent retail energy services provider supplying natural gas to customers across the country. We’re all about delivering energy that is affordable and reliable, all while providing you with top notch customer service. 

Why Choose Bolt?

Dependable Energy at a Fair Price

Energy at a Fair Price

Fixed plan pricing that fits your budget. Just $1 a Day to heat your home.

Secure Supply

Secure Supply

When you switch to Bolt Energy, the transition is completely seamless and hassle-free.

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A Gas Company You Can Trust

At Bolt Energy, our customers come first. It’s what sets us apart.

At Bolt, We Love Rewarding Customers

As a Bolt Energy customer, you’ll enjoy VIP benefits and endless extras with the Bolt Energy Rewards Program.

You can use your rewards to save in over 500,000 ways including enjoying a buy one get one free appetizer at your favorite local restaurants, getting up to 20% off your entire purchase on popular name-brands, and saving on vacations with discounts on flights, hotels, cruises, and more. Additionally, you can play and enjoy gift card giveaways, product giveaways, cash giveaways, daily deals, games, bonuses, surprises, and lots of fun! For shopping, spend your rewards with local and online shopping options, and for dining, use them to save on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks at thousands of your favorite local and national restaurants.

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Carbon Offset Program

By choosing Bolt Energy, you will be helping fund Carbon Offset Projects that reduce emissions equivalent to your usage. A carbon offset is a voluntary reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that can be used to balance emissions produced elsewhere.

Your natural gas bundle funds Carbon Offset Projects that reduce emissions equivalent to your usage. Since every ccf of natural gas used will emit about 11.8 lbs of CO2 (5.34 kg CO2), your bundled product negates the environmental impact from natural gas use in your home by our purchase of a Carbon Offset through a Carbon Offset Program. A Carbon Offset purchased through a Carbon Offset Program represents the removal of 1 metric ton of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) from the atmosphere. Carbon Offset: A GHG reduction that is created and monetized after being evaluated to ensure it is real, additional, quantifiable, permanent, verifiable and enforceable.

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