The Affordable Connectivity Program

Free Unlimited

Talk, Text & Data

Qualifying households will receive up to 14GB of monthly data PLUS a FREE Android phone or Wi-Fi hotspot.
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How It Works

Apply quickly and easily online for your plan by answering a few questions and submitting your eligibility documents for Lifeline and the ACP benefit.

Approval, Shipping, and Activation
Once approved, we’ll ship you your brand-new device or SIM card, at no cost to you. When your order arrives, just follow the instructions provided to get up and running in no time!

FREE Cell Phone & Unlimited Data!
With unlimited talk and text, and data (the ACP benefit adds Unlimited Data to your 4.5GB Lifeline plan)

Use Each Month
As the adage goes, use it or lose it. Keep your service by doing all the things you love on your device every month. With unlimited talk, text, data, and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, the options are endless!