Revenue Recovery


Our innovative Medical Revenue Recovery system is specially designed to unearth the untapped potential in your practice’s financial operations. With a unique focus on Surgery Centers,

Hospitals, Specialty Groups, and Urgent Care Centers, our AI-driven, fully automated software serves as a powerful tool for recovering lost revenue. It’s time to claim your stake and explore the possibilities of revenue recovery. Our no-risk, performance-based approach ensures that we succeed only when you do, by identifying and reclaiming funds from underpaid or erroneously denied claims.

With our system, you can transform what was once considered “unrecoverable” into a substantial boost to your bottom line. Ideal for practices with a minimum of $5M in annual revenue, our solution is particularly effective for specialists and urgent care centers.

Don’t let overlooked financial opportunities slip through the cracks. Start the journey to a more profitable future today by submitting your lead information for review. Let’s unlock the full financial potential of your practice together!

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Transform Your Medical Practice
with Advanced Revenue Recovery Solutions

Maximized Revenue Recovery

Recovers up to 20% of annual revenue by rectifying billing errors and resubmitting previously unrecoverable claims.

Efficient Claims Review

Utilizes a meticulous two-year claims analysis to identify and reclaim lost revenues.

Direct Financial Impact

Successfully channels recovered funds back into the practice, enhancing the bottom line with no upfront costs.

Tailored for Specific Healthcare Entities

Ideal for anesthesia practices, surgery centers, specialty groups, urgent care and billing companies, aiming to optimize their financial health.

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Case Study

In a remarkable case of revenue recovery, a $20M anesthesia practice successfully reclaimed $8.5M from $40M in claims over two years. This achievement was realized by rectifying billing errors, resubmitting rejected and underpaid claims, which were previously deemed unrecoverable. This strategy effectively recovered 20% of the practice’s annual revenue, directly enhancing their bottom line, as the practice retained half of the recovered funds, showcasing the significant impact of strategic revenue cycle management in healthcare.

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