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Ninety-five percent (95%) mosquito populations breed using stagnant water. MMD uses the breeding patterns of mosquitos which consist of them laying eggs in water.
When they lay their eggs in the MMD mosquito water trap, they will fall downward through the MMD’s patented baffle system.
Once inside the MMD mosquito trap system, the mosquito larvae cannot surface for air and they drown.
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The Best Mosquito Control

Providing the Best Mosquito Control

At My Mosquito Deleter, we strive to provide only effective mosquito control products for you and your family. Our mosquito water trap and mosquito water tablets are easy to use and can be assembled in minutes. They require little to no maintenance, you only need to assemble the four deleters, add water and a table, then place them throughout your yard!

My Mosquito Deleter

Environmentally Safe No Poisons No Chemicals Safe for Humans and Pets Complete Mosquito Control System


Facts About Mosquito

Facts About Mosquito
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Facts About Mosquito


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Setting up My Mosquito Deleter only takes five minutes or less. Just follow the instructions that is located inside the box and within minutes you will start reclaiming your yard!
Each trap requires two (2) water conditioning tablets when you initially start the process and put your traps out for the first time. Each month add one (1) additional tablet for maximum effectiveness. Each My Mosquito Deleter kit includes four (4) traps so you will need four (4) tablets per month. Each kit comes with a two (2) month supply of tablets.
You can always find the tablets on our website, we usually ship the same day.
Fill My Mosquito Deleter so that the water level is within 1/2” of the top of the trap or to the rough part of the black cone. This will leave room for air which the larvae look for.
Minimal maintenance is required. Periodically, (if possible every 7-10 days) you should check the water level of the traps and refill as required to keep the level to around one-half inch from the top of the trap. Each month add one (1) water conditioning tablet to each trap. Finally, you should avoid cleaning the traps as long as possible. Unfortunately , the dirtier the water, the better for her to drop her eggs. If you need to clean them, then clean them once or twice a season.
The water must become stagnate before the traps began to work. Usually under normal conditions it takes about two or three weeks before you notice larval in the traps. Constant rain will delay the development of stagnate water.
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