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“STOP-Cancer” is a study to evaluate the clinical benefit of using genetics to assess overall hereditary genetic cancer risk profile and help pursue preventative measures which may lead to early detection and treatment of the “cancer condition”. “STOP Cancer” is a research study to collect data to see if the use of hereditary cancer (CGx) lab test data will help to estimate your chance of developing cancer in your lifetime.

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We invite you to participate in the hereditary cancer clinical study

STOP-CANCER” Strategic Targeting for Optimal Prevention of Cancer. Did you know that clinical trial studies are a great way to increase your clinics revenue while providing a valuable resource for research.

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The study pays an honorarium for each completed CRf ( positive and negative results ).

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The primary goal of the study is to record data over the observation period to evaluate the clinical benefit of using hereditary cancer genomic diagnostics to assess the overall hereditary genetic cancer risk profile and to help guide physicians to pursue preventative measures which may lead to early detection and treatment of the condition.
To observe, record, and evaluate data on oral medication therapy (prescription or OTC) before and after using hereditary cancer genomic diagnostics; on physician recommended non-medication treatments like diet, nutrition, exercise, rest, sleep, stress reduction, smoking cessation programs, etc. (Psychosocial & Risk Assessment Counseling, Test Result Interpretation & Patient Medical Record) to record the subject’s brief medical history, demographic data, and investigator specialty.

Cancer Genetic testing

Cancer Genetic testing (CGx) is a simple test that can show if a patient is predisposed to cancer. Doctors can utilize the results to optimize the patients’ health care plan by targeting genetically at-risk cancers. This information also provides priceless information for a family member’s genetic potential risk.

The 120-day observation period includes a short patient questionnaire and data entry to record changes in patient care and Psychosocial effects associated with the cancer test results.

We collaborate with several national molecular diagnostic laboratories specializing in CGx testing for patients who have not had a genetic test performed within the previous 90 days. They will assist in providing the test for your patients.

Frequently Ask Questions

NO! HEREDITARY CANCER SCREENING is for internal medicine, general practitioner, and every specialty. This screening is to know the risk of 12 major cancers and to promote preventive measures or early detection that will then have Oncologist intervention if necessary.

No, this trial is suitable for all levels of experience or none at all. 

Cancer Genetic Testing is collected by using a saliva buccal swab of the cheek squamous cells. 

We will provide you with all the needed supplies for collection and the return labels to send the specimen to the participating lab.

Breast, Ovarian, Colorectal, Pancreatic, Endometrial, Prostate, Gastric, Lynch, Uterine, Renal, Liver, Melanoma

NO! A patient does not need to be previously diagnosed to participate in this study.

Should there be interest or if you need additional information, please feel free to contact one of our study specialists directly at email: